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Our business philosophy

Coherence breeds success

At POULSEN, we firmly believe that coheherence is the foundation for developing both businesses and people. Coherence between the company's strategy and the competencies needed to execute it. Coherence between the company culture and the people who have to function and deliver in it. Coherence gives meaning and direction. And it breeds security, trust and credibility, both in, and for, the company.


A coherent process

Coherence also constitutes the foundation of the process we use to recruit and retain the skills and people your business needs. The principle is one customer - one consultant. From start to finish. This ensures a coherent process for both clients and candidates. Our process is operated according to the same tried and tested concept, which includes analysis, competence assessments and cognitive tests. Therefore, there is also coherence in our own business, which has many returning customers and candidates.


The right match

We thoroughly familiarize ourselves with both the client's and candidates' situation before bringing them together. We love to take things apart and assemble the pieces properly. To understand the complexities of both businesses and people and find the right match.

The candidate and the company must fit in each other’s context. It's not just about finding the right candidate for the company, but also about finding the right company for the candidate. Otherwise, it will never work out. But our retention rate of very close to 100 tells us that we understand the context.


Coherence between sellers and buyers of businesses

Recruitment is all about finding the right match between candidate and company. This is coherent with POULSEN's other business area, business brokerage, which is about finding the right match between buyer and seller. Here POULSEN is the neutral and professional intermediary, which ensures good dialogue and creates the framework for a good trade for both parties.

At POULSEN we create coherence based on trust, competence and high morals in every relationship. Therefore, our team consists of well-trained and experienced consultants with different backgrounds and competencies, as well as experience in living and working abroad.

Basically, we believe that coherence breeds success - for people and businesses alike. That's how we work. That's what we deliver.