Russian prosecutors move to liquidate Navalny’s ‘extremist’ movement
Hong Kong pro-democracy figures given jail terms of up to 18 months
Chicago braced for more protests after video of Adam Toledo shooting
Helen McCrory, star of Peaky Blinders and Harry Potter, dies aged 52
Russia expels 10 US diplomats as part of retaliation for sanctions
Biden keeps Trump-era cap on refugee admissions, breaking earlier pledge
French officials perplexed by gold bars and coins found stashed in old house
Facebook says it has reached net zero emissions
Taiwan train crash: truck driver charged with negligent homicide
Spanish firefighter jailed after starting a fire to ‘satisfy his ego’
Pentagon confirms leaked photos and video of UFOs are legitimate
Spreading faster, hitting harder – why young Brazilians are dying of Covid
Coronavirus live news: Latvia offers mass vaccinations to clear AstraZeneca backlog; Germany removes UK from risk list
India Covid variant found in UK specimens taken in February
Australia records first death from blood clots likely linked to AstraZeneca Covid vaccine
Helen McCrory: ‘How should a woman live her life?’
Prince Philip funeral: all eyes on William and Harry and the Queen
Jeff VanderMeer: ‘Success changes who I can reach with an environmental message’
Can any fool read the news? Tim Dowling finds out
Hong Kong’s Jimmy Lai and his media empire face uncertain future
Conservation legend Roy Dennis: ‘We’re facing an ecological crisis, but it’s exciting too’
Woman who lost partner in crossbow attack wants ‘medieval’ weapon regulated
Three men sentenced in Spain’s ‘Sabadell wolf pack’ gang-rape trial
The ‘doctor’ keeps watch: Assad posters loom over shattered Syria – in pictures
Handwashing and hot tea: Eswatini celebrates roll out of solar-heated water
Gun violence ‘pierces the very soul of our nation’, Biden says after Indianapolis shooting – live
US-made guns are ripping Central America apart and driving migration north | Ioan Grillo
FTSE 100 closes above 7,000 for first time since Covid crash
Malawi to bin 16,000 AstraZeneca doses amid fears of rise in vaccine hesitancy
‘If we don’t give, people don’t eat’: Yemen focus of UK Ramadan giving
Scientists sound warning note over malaria drug resistance in Africa
UN outlines plan to close camps housing 430,000 refugees in Kenya
‘I blamed myself’: how stigma stops Arab women reporting online abuse
Ukraine still outgunned as Russia prepares for larger conflict
Damned either way, Biden opts out of Afghanistan as US tires of ‘forever wars’
US decision to pause J&J jabs is another blow to global Covid fight
AstraZeneca blood clotting: what is this rare syndrome and how is it caused?
Holy rabbits and a dinosaur at the dentist: Friday’s best photos
The Apache war against copper mining: 'this is an act of desecration' — video
Hong Kong pro-democracy activists are handed suspended sentences – video
How the UK government sidestepped the data on coronavirus – video explainer
Chicago mayor urges calm as police release footage of Adam Toledo's killing – video
Indianapolis shooting: eight killed at FedEx facility, police say – video
Adam Toledo did not have a gun in his hand, says family lawyer – video

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At POULSEN, we believe that coherence breeds success and development. We create coherence for, and between, talented candidates and a number of Denmark's largest and medium-sized companies.

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Coherence is also the key word for our other business area: Business Brokerage. POULSEN is the neutral intermediary, ensuring good dialogue and coherence for both parties.

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