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Vi er en kreditværdig virksomhed baseret på Bisnodes kreditvurderingssystem. Vurderingen er foretaget ud fra en mængde forskellige beslutningsregler. Oplysningerne bliver opdateret dagligt via Bisnodes database. Kreditvurderingen af virksomheden er således altid aktuel.


At POULSEN we are a fixed recruitment partner for a number of the biggest companies in Denmark. However, we also recruit and undertake assignments for medium-sized companies within all industries.

If you have to send to POULSEN

If you have to send “sensitive” documents to POULSEN, use the link below. However, application materials, such as resumes etc. must be sent via ‘Jobagent’, which is found under ‘Rekruttering/Udvalgte stillinger’.

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Do you have a Ltd with 4-5 years of accounting? POULSEN offers indicative valuations for people seeking to sell their company. Contact us for more information.

We believe that the interaction between people is the foundation for every development in organizations and corporations.


Therefore, our most important focus is to create the right forum for communication and strategic feedback. This critical dialogue qualifies the Search & Selection process in order to make the right strategic decisions, when we recruit key personnel that match the strategic needs of corporations.


Our company philosophy is based on trust, competencies and high morals in every relation. That is why the POULSEN team consists of well-trained and highly educated consultants with different backgrounds, competencies and experience with working and living abroad.

Feel free to contact POULSEN for a non-committal talk about assignments, business challenges and a potential cooperation. It will be our pleasure to either visit you or to invite you over to visit us.

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