POULSEN's mission, vision and values


We create value for our clients by finding determined, competent and top motivated candidates for all of our job positions.

Business Brokering:
We help make the best deal for both buyer and seller.



To achieve the highest standard in our business areas. Our goal is not to be the biggest player in the market but to be the very best at what we do. Our top priority is therefore to always deliver the best service which create value for our clients and contribute to reaching their strategic goals. We will strive for that by continuously making sure that we continuously deliver the highest possible quality in our services in all areas.

Our employees must be happy to go to work every day. They should be callenged every day in order to emprove the quality of their work and try to do things better than yesterday. The incentive for doing this should be an informal and relaxed work environment, where the employees feel comfortable and that their individual professional and personal wishes are taken into consideration.



- All our services must have a very high level of quality
- It must be fun to go work
- Our work must be profitable