Our competencies

Human resource management

• Cooperation with consultants, public authorities and researchers
• Annual employee development reviews at management level
• Analysis of employee’s wellbeing
• Implementation of reward systems
• Planning and execution of seminars for employees and management


Management and business development

• Participation in the company’s strategy processes
• Customer and market orientation – more effective business areas
• Negotiation of franchise and trade deals
• Drafting of short and long-term management strategies/business plans


Strategy development

• Analysis and exploration of strategic possibilities
• Development of business action plans
• Implementation of business action plans
• Board’s work and recruitment of board members


Marketing and sales

• Analysis and exploration of strategic possibilities
• Marketing plans
• Contact with advertising and analysis bureaus


Performance management

• Budget responsibility in relation to turnover, gross profits and the costs 
  of separate business areas
• Determination of result goals for business units and business areas
• Follow-up on results – making comments on company finances and key


Finance and administration

• Annual financial statement and financing
• Taxes
• Accounting
• Mapping and optimizing administrative procedures
• Business brokering – consulting for both buyers and sellers
• Public affairs
• Cooperation with accountants and lawyers